Award Winner 2023

TOP Emerging BPO

Award Winner 2023

TOP Emerging BPO




Specializing in High-Quality Services Since 2018

Since 2018, TCMS has served as a trusted advisor and service delivery partner in The Netherlands and South Africa, specializing in high-quality value generation and customer management services.

Co-owned by Mr. Sander Schepens in South Africa and Mr. Dennis Baetens in The Netherlands, each oversees a specific business segment.


Mission & Vision

TCMS aims to excel in client outcomes through quality and performance, guided by a seasoned management team. We differentiate ourselves by fostering true partnerships and prioritizing excellence in a high-quality service delivery organization.

Areas of


The Netherlands


TCMS operates with a portion of its 165 full-time employees in Sittard, offering top-notch Customer Care and Value Generation Services.


TCMS also operates from Heerlen, contributing to its total of 165 full-time employees delivering quality Customer Experience.

South Africa

Cape Town

As our main site in South Africa, TCMS’s Cape Town location is staffed with a significant portion of our 140 full-time employees providing multilingual native offshore support.


Our satellite location in Johannesburg contributes to our total of 140 full-time employees, offering multilingual native offshore Customer Experience support.