TCMS Solutions & Services

AppFlow - Digital Onboarding

A versatile digital adoption platform for onboarding customers, vendors and employees.


Transform website-forms and manual PDF applications into a digital customer onboarding system.

  • Digitally onboard customers in minutes.
  • Great user experience.
  • Integrate with Digital KYC.
  • Integrate with credit bureaux for automated vetting.
  • Templates are linked to business rules to automatically generate contracts.
  • Contracts are automatically sent for approvals and remote signing.
  • Signed contracts and meta data are stored or transferred.
  • Integrate with CRM/ ERP systems.
  • Back office system for workflow and document management.


Transform website-forms and PDF applications to a digital vendor onboarding system.

  • Align to existing vendor onboarding processes.
  • End-to-end digital onboarding journey.
  • Avoid errors with electronic form validations.
  • Contracts are automatically sent for approvals and remote digital signing.
  • Store captured vendor data as meta data.
  • Integrate with ERP for automated account creation.
  • Manage vendor contract lifecycles.

Full lifecycle management of employee files.

  • Digital job application forms.
  • Secure digital document collection portal for ID’s, certificates and bodies of proof.
  • Automated contract generation.
  • Sign and approve employment contracts from anywhere.
  • Share and revoke access to employee documents.
  • Employees and managers can upload additional documents into employee files, if and when permitted.
  • Comprehensive audit logs on document and folder level.
  • Security and access control at document and file level.