TCMS Solutions & Services

TCMS Service Delivery Operations

TCMS has its own site operations in Cape Town and Durban (both in South Africa) for Service Delivery Services for international clients.

Markets we serve

We predominantly serve European and North American clients from our South Africa operations.

Languages we support from our South African sites

TCMS has recently performed a detailed labor market research and pre-recruitment process to identify available free capacity for international languages in the Western Cape / Cape Town region and TCMS can therefor with confidence and commitment provide small to medium volumes for the following native (C1/C2) languages:

  • English: Unlimited numbers +2500 FTE
  • German: +1000 FTE
  • Italian: +300 FTE
  • French: +300 FTE
  • Spanish: 250 FTE
  • Portuguese: +250 FTE
  • Dutch: +250 FTE
  • Polish: +200 FTE
  • Russian: +150 FTE
  • Swedish: +50 FTE
  • Norwegian: +50 FTE
  • Danish: +50 FTE
  • Finnish: +50 FTE
  • Other European languages: 15-30 FTE
How we operate

Being in business for 4 years, we’ve specialized in 2 types of projects in our Service Delivery Services:

  • Small to medium sized (5-100 fte) BPO projects in Customer Care, Sales, Back Office, Digital Channel assisted Services, B2B Services, Tech Support Services, etc. which TCMS delivers themselves from their own premises,
  • Large (+100 fte) projects in similar categories where TCMS sources 1 or more local BPO’s equipped to do the work or acts as an MSP (Managed Services Provider) and contracts directly but has delivered subcontracted by 1 or more local BPO partners, depending on size, scope, etc.