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Paperless is just the beginning.

It’s time to rethink how you
prepare, generate, sign, store and manage
your important documents

Whether invoice records, contracts or other vital files, keeping documents stored as paper records can be dangerous when it comes to the long-term safety of your business. Not only does it cost a lot of money to search through archives of paper records, it also creates delays, and you run the risk of accidentally damaging or losing those records.


The world has changed. Digital has changed it. Over 4.66 billion people are active on the internet, and mobile users now account for 91% of total internet users. As a result, fraud is being perpetrated by clever but unscrupulous criminals, who see the digital world as an opportunity to make money. This poses a tremendous threat to organisations of all types and sizes, in all parts of the world.

A user-friendly workflow creation tool that allows for all types of approval and digital signing scenarios.


SigniFlow® transforms your workplace into a highly efficient and secure environment using digital signatures and bank-level encryption to protect and tamper-proof all of your company documents. From the most basic requirements, such as employees having to sign leave applications and their managers approving or rejecting them, to ultra-complex processes that require multiple users to sign highly sensitive and legal documents, SigniFlow® has the solution.


Brand it your way

SigniFlow® caters to the needs of business of all types and sizes.

Whether you choose our regional cloud server as your Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, or opt to deploy SigniFlow® behind your firewall to comply with your stringent document management policy, IT policy or compliance requirements, SigniFlow® has the solution.